One to One sessions

One to One sessions are specifically designed around each individual to gain the best results possible. I have various meeting locations in professional establishments where privacy can be assured. The training is over eight sessions each with main aims and objectives that will assist you in understanding exactly where your stress is coming from 'not always as obvious as you may think' and how to take control of it. You will quickly see a change in the effects of your stress providing you are open to the course, take on-board the training and any tasks set for the time in between sessions. 
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Group sessions

Group sessions are a more affordable way of dealing with your stress. Whilst I appreciate that they are not for everyone, providing you are open to others hearing about your life events and troubles they can in their own right be very productive. You will be able to see that your situation is not necessarily unique to you. Often attendees have said how valuable others comments and experiences have helped them understand how and why they are feeling the way they do. Again these sessions are held at the same venues as the One to Ones but in a larger room for convenience. These are also eight week courses.
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Corporate Training sessions

Corporate Training comes in many different formats, from directors, board members, managers to individual or group of employees. Most people would agree they they experience stress whilst at work and some would even say that's when they perform best. However, if an employee is overstressed at work then their productivity, professionalism and corporate identity can be lost. This can also lead to high levels of absence through sickness or work avoidance which can and does cost the business industry millions every year. Company's are now forced through legislation to tackle stress in the workplace and there are severe consequences for not dealing with it. Stress Right will assess your requirements and come up with affordable packages for your training needs. 
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