• By Paula Thompson
  • 24 Jan, 2017

Do you have trouble sleeping?

If you do, then you need to get in touch asap, we will work with you using our tried and tested techniques to help you gain a good nights sleep!

Stress Righted

By Paula Thompson 08 Jun, 2017
I've just had a massive thank you from one of my clients employers! Totally out of the blue came the call saying, "you don't know me but I would like to thank you for helping one of my employees through a difficult time". He went on to say that"her complete persona has reverted to the bubbly sales candidate I recruited about 6 years ago and on target to be top performer this month". He said that she had become very insular and her sales had slipped. She had been going through a very rough patch in her private life and it had obviously had a knock on effect to her work. He had noticed the turn around and during a one to one asked her what had brought about the revitalised her, she explained that she recognised that she needed help and had heard a friend talking about me. She felt that as her friend had trusted me she could too! She found my approach to be just what she needed and that I'd help her deal with her issues and to take back control of her life. He thanked me again for turning around his star performer, I said "this is exactly why I do what I do". Whilst he didn't want me to mention his company, I am due to start coaching his wife next week!
By Paula Thompson 09 Feb, 2017

Everything you need to know about Poole Together

EMPLOYERS - We’re here to help you find the Candidates that are looking for Employers just like you!


Place your job vacancy with Poole Together and it will be shared instantly with candidates through various social media channels and our job alerts bulletin.

We aim to save you time and money, while helping you find the candidate you’re looking for.


The cost of advertising job vacancies on the Recruiting Together website is as follows:

One week job posting - £18
Two week job posting - £36
One month job posting - £60
10 x 1 month job postings - £100


Poole Together offers you a modern, professional, cost-effective vacancy advertising service. Our services are designed for businesses that demand flexibility and reliability. Whether you are looking to fill one vacancy or hundreds, we can help you to get your jobs noticed by all the right candidates.


Adding your job vacancy to Poole Together is a very simple, quick and easy process. Select a product, click on post job, complete the vacancy form, click on preview check you are happy with your advert then click submit

There are no copy deadlines. Your job advertisement will be live on Poole Together and receiving applications within a few minutes.

All applications will go directly to you by email or through a link to your website – whichever is your preferred contact option.

Go to your dashboard and you will be able to see all your job applications, view CV’s, make notes on the application and even rate the candidate through every stage of the recruitment process.

CANDIDATES! We’re here to help you find the Employers that are looking for Candidates just like you!


Applying for jobs is easy! Check out our current vacancies or search for specific keywords, a particular location, your chosen category or the type of work you are looking for.


It takes just 15 seconds to set up your profile - then add your CV and all other relevant information and you could be hearing from employers searching for a candidate just like you within minutes!


Set up your Job Alert and be first to hear about jobs as soon as they’re posted!


Should you require any assistance, please contact the Recruitment Team on 01202 283012 – we’re looking forward to working with you to recruit your next member of staff.

By Paula Thompson 26 Jan, 2017
Did you know that 70% of doctors appointments are stress related? (source HSE) 
If you believe you may be suffering from stress click on the 'Assess your stress' button on the home page, follow the instructions and we'll let you know!
By Paula Thompson 24 Jan, 2017
If you do, then you need to get in touch asap, we will work with you using our tried and tested techniques to help you gain a good nights sleep!
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